Completely transform your finances in just 90 days

Our FREE Money Management tool can help you discover where your money goes in seconds… so you can start saving for a better future


What can it do for me?

With the Otivo-Surmount tool, you’ll have a complete picture of your financial situation, which allows you to:

  • Track where your money goes to each month
  • Find out where you can save money straight away
  • See any urgent financial matters (and deal with them)
  • Start saving and building your wealth, one day at a time

It’s simple: you can keep on struggling, or use the Otivo-Surmount tool and start building your tomorrow.



Know at every second exactly how much you’re worth

Our easy-to-use smartphone and web browser tool analyses your bank accounts so you can instantly see what you’re spending. Rent, Mortgage, Shopping, Utilities, Transport, Food, Takeaways, Entertainment, Coffees and more.

You’ll know how much you spent on a quick meal at McDonald’s, drinks at Dan Murphy’s and how all of those Uber rides could be paying for your new car.

And all without a spreadsheet in sight.



All set up in just 3 easy steps

The Otivo-Surmount tool is likely to be the smartest thing on your smartphone. Here’s how to get started:


Follow the link
(available on all devices)

Enquire now by filling out the form, and we will activate your free trial and send you a link to get started.


Securely connect your financial accounts including savings, credit cards, mortgage, superannuation and salary packaging accounts (all done with bank-level encryption for your privacy).


Fill in your financial world using the easy to navigate site and then see exactly where you can save.

It’s all free for 90 days. And if you don’t see value in it, simply delete it.



Why choose us?

That’s easy. The team at Surmount Planning and Financial Services are specialists in this area, with over 70 years of experience between our two senior managers alone.

Not only are we a team of qualified accountants, we’re also professional money managers. So whether it’s superannuation, saving, salary packaging or strategy you’re after, we can help.



We help people take control of their money

(and save thousands of dollars each year)

Save for a new car
Build up a house deposit
Get debt-free

In today’s modern world, there are more opportunities to spend money than ever before. And sadly for many of us, that means living payday to payday.

Where does it all go, and how do you get spare cash each week?

With the FREE Otivo-Surmount finance tracker tool, that’s how.




I could not believe how much money I spent on c#!p!

Matt of Newstead

I felt very guilty when I looked at my bottom line. But then some of the surmount suggestions made sense. I feel like the tide is turning.

Karen of Mount Isa

We have adopted a 'just for us' account. Everything else is getting managed so we feel much more confident when we do spend our money on ourselves… I know that seems odd but we do.

Paul and Rosa of Sydney

I am a part-time uni student with a couple of part-time jobs. I am not paying for the advice service but using the basic app. It just helps me look into the future so I can plan and not pay late fees.

Sean of Brisbane

What else can Surmount offer?

Surmount is all about helping people build their own version of financial freedom.

We do this by offering a range of services to suit everyone, starting with our FREE Otivo-Surmount tool. After the first 90 days are up, you can get the full-service version for just $200 per year (which adds in all of the brilliant features that can save you thousands).

Or aim even higher, and get access to our Financial Advisor Service for only $300 per year. This service gives you a dedicated professional Financial Advisor to help accelerate your savings and get you on track to reaching your goals sooner.

You can access financial advice through the Otivo service.

Beyond our in-house services, we can even help you find professional advisors who specialise in:

  • Financial issues – getting serious debt under control
  • All types of insurance – save money while getting adequate protection
  • Financial planning – goal setting, budgeting, saving strategies, borrowing strategies and more
  • Personal investing
  • Negative and positive gearing property
  • Retirement planning


You will be less stressed. Within minutes of using the Otivo-Surmount money management tool, you will start to make sense of your financial world. Financially, if you can see where you are then you can start planning on where you want to be!

Surmount can tell you how much you have spent at McDonalds, Dan Murphys or uber eats over the last 12 months with a minimum of effort. Once the app recognises a transaction it will update all transactions.

Let Surmount prove our value by using the full-service tool, free of charge, for 90 days. Why 90 days? Your spending habits have been with you most of your life. 90 days on the Otivo-Surmount Money Management tool will change those habits. Chances are, you’ll need a bit of encouragement over that time as well!

There is no charge for the first 90 days. That’s right! If you don’t see any value simply delete.

Try the Otivo-Surmount tool FREE for 90 days and see where you can start saving immediately

Just enter your details, click submit and in seconds you’ll discover a whole new way to manage your finances.

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