The gap exists between self-help and full-blown financial advice. As legislation has increased the price of advice has correspondingly increased. Though an unintended consequence, the attempt to eliminate bad advice has created a smaller pool of advisers capable of giving the advice. And as in any market you will be charged based on the scarcity of the service you require.

An astounding statistic From the Banking Royal Commission was that 75% of the advice given to clients did not match what the clients had requested to receive advice upon. This is the classic ‘tail wagging the dog’ conundrum.

The client’s wants versus the adviser’s needs.

Surmount aims to educate. General advice is of an educational nature and not meant to be specifically used by individuals. General advice identifies implications and ramifications. Specific advice is framed around your “situation” and the necessary required “actions” to remedy that situation. For example, general advice would be “superannuation is a tax advantaged method of saving” or “spousal contributions can have a long-term benefit”.

Surmount Planning and Financial Services strongly believe that you can help yourself. For far too long people have been actively encouraged to be financially overwhelmed. You have been constantly bombarded about the complexity of finances, the fear of getting it wrong and the “trust us” deception

The last thing a profit driven financial sector wants is financially savvy clients. For most people, superannuation and its complexity will always be incomprehensible. By laying out your financial world and developing your focus means that when you are ready for superannuation advice you can seek it out. In the meantime you must get all the other “stuff” sorted. But that does not mean your whole financial world is out of your control.

Surmount breaks down your finances into manageable sections which you can correct by modifying your behaviour.

John and his team at Surmount focus on helping people put their finances together over time. If you think about your financial world and start to go into that state of dazed confusion it does not mean you’re a lost cause. It simply means you haven’t done your financial homework.

You will need specific financial advice at some stage in your life’s journey. But before you reach that stage there are several issues you need to address. In addressing your financial position Surmount will ask this simple question “What are you worth right now to the nearest dollar?”
There are other simple questions, but for the moment, let’s start with what you are worth.

The Surmount strategy is to sort out your world one piece at the time. If you can answer yes to any of our questions don’t panic because we certainly have more to ask. And if you can answer yes to all of them then you don’t need us! If you cannot answer this first question accurately then let’s get started. Importantly let’s set some ground rules.

At Surmount we are different, you are not going to get away with relinquishing control. You can get

on top of your financial world. You have all the tools at your control to work through this process.

No one will look after your money with more enthusiasm than you will. Refer Banking Royal Commission.

About Surmount

Surmount operates as public practice accounting firm with access to qualified financial planners. Our experience has proven the age-old truth of never underestimate the ability of people to learn and grow.

Our staff have extensive accounting, financial and Salary Packaging experience.

Surmount has been created to fill the Gap between money management and financial planning. The recurring theme with personal financial matters is the issues are predominantly simple matters left unattended.

The nature of the industry is that there is no middle ground. The alternatives are either, get the full top shelf service or nothing. Most frustrating is the fact that individuals can make sense of, and make sensible decisions about, their financial journey with some strategic assistance. Individuals can master their finances and ask for help when it is appropriate.

Most people have that one question they need to ask. So often the reason for not asking the question has been simply embarrassment. At Surmount the golden rule is “there is no such thing as a dumb question”. Sadly, we have seen some surprisingly dumb answers.

Surmount refers to ‘a financial journey’ for a reason. The word surmount means ‘to overcome’. Is that a good description of how you feel about your financial world. You must find out where you are now so that you can progress in the direction that you desire. In finding out where you are at this very moment you will highlight your unique issues. The Surmount strategy starts with you identifying where you are and what issues need to be managed.

The issue determines the action. Surmount will engage in providing general advice. As soon as an issue requires specific advice then you will be given the opportunity to choose your course of action. You may use your preferred adviser, select an advisor from the Surmount referral network or approach one of Surmount’s financial advisers.