What if your Finances are out of Control

By May 5, 2022June 10th, 2022No Comments

The very first step is to ask the question “can I work my way through this” or “do I need to seek help”.

Consider the old saying about solving problems “you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time”. At surmount we understand that out of control is a description used to often but out of control as a reality means something totally different where very specific actions need to be taken.

Let’s look at the worst-case scenario.

If you are being contacted by debt collectors, regularly fail to make loan repayments and struggle to have any excess cash left over you need serious help so either contact us or find someone close by with the right credentials. Seriously, bankruptcy is a very last option. If that is not your world (thankfully) then let’s get serious about your money management.

Back to the elephant? By using the Surmount money management process you can pull all your data into 1 easy to read place that summarises, compares and highlights differences. For most people the thought of a pencil, a piece of paper and the last years receipts is enough make question time in parliament look interesting.

Surmount can tell you how much you have spent at McDonalds, Dan Murphys or uber eats over the last 12 months with the minimum of effort. Once the app recognises a transaction it will update all transactions.

“So what ?” I hear you say!

Many of our clients have said “ I did not realise how much I spent on ………..(insert your weakness here)! Obviously, there were other words in that sentence that needed to be omitted. By using an app process to classify your spending history simplifies the hunt for problems.

Once you see the issue you can find solution. Sorry to burst your bubble but after that issue is dealt with another one will appear.

I always remember that advice where you put your credit cards in a bowl of water in the freezer. The argument was that by the time the block of ice melted the urge to spend would have passed! This method is not recommended by surmount.